How to add FAV channels on XtrixTV IPTV?

Our XtrixTV App offers a variety of functions, one of which is the ability to add channels to a favorites list and customize a new channel category list. This is a basic function that can be completed in just a few quick steps. Let’s take a look at how the XtrixTV App favorites feature works.

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How to use the favorite function to add channels on XtrixTV App?

  1. Access Live TV on the app’s main interface and click the Ok button on your remote control to bring up channel information.
    access live tv
  2. Scroll to your favorite channel and click the Ok button again.
    favorite channels
  3. Long press the Ok button on the remote control to display the information bar while the channel is playing.
  4. Go to the star-shaped icon and use the Ok button to add the channel to the favorites list.
  5. Now access the channel list on the left and click on Favorites.
  6. You can see the favorite channel that we just added.

Note: When you add a channel to the favorites list, you can also quickly access it from the FAV list on the main interface of the XtrixTV App.

How to remove channels from the favorites list on the XtrixTV App?

Just like adding channels, removing them from the favorites list is also easy.

  1. Access the channel in the favorites list and play it.
  2. Long press the Ok button, select the star-shaped icon in the bottom information bar and click Ok to remove the channel from the favorites list.
  3. If you check the favorite channel list again, you will see that it has been removed.

How to Create Favorite Channel List in XtrixTV App

Creating a customized favorite channel list in XtrixTV app can help you quickly access your preferred channels based on your interests like entertainment, sports, kids, etc. Follow the below steps to create your own channel list:

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on the “Fav Manager” option at the bottom.
    Fav Manager
  2. Click on “App Group”.
    App Group
  3. Name your new favorite channel list.
    new favorite channel list
  4. Click on “Add Channels”.
    Add Channels
  5. Customize your new favorite list by adding channels according to your viewing habits. Save the changes by clicking “Save change” on the left sidebar.
  6. Return to “Live TV”, and you will see your newly added categories and channels on the left-hand channel list.
    new favorite channels

If you want to delete or rename the created channel list, go back to “Fav Manager” and long-press on the channel list. Choose your desired option from the available choices.
delete favorite channel list

Enjoy your personalized channel list and never miss your favorite shows again!

How to Add Movies or TV Series to Favorites in XtrixTV App

XtrixTV IPTV offers thousands of the latest movies and TV series that you may not have time to watch yet, and you want to add them to your favorites to avoid forgetting about them later. Don’t worry, XtrixTV App can help you with this. Here are the steps:

  1. Access Movies or TV Series from the main menu of the App.
    access VOD 1
  2. Click on the movie or TV series that you want to add.
  3. On the movie or TV series detail page, click on ADD FAV.
    add favories movies 2
  4. Now, access the Fav section from the left menu, and you will see the recently added favorite movie or TV series.
    favories movies 3

By following these steps, you can easily add movies or TV series to your favorites list in XtrixTV App and access them anytime later without searching for them again.

Video Tutorial to add Fav Channels on XtrixTV IPTV

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What is IPTV’s Favorite Function?

The favorite function is a feature that allows users to add channels, programs, or other content to a personalized list of favorites. This enables quick and easy access to the user’s preferred content without having to search for it every time. The favorite function is commonly found in multimedia applications and IPTV services.

Does XtrixTV IPTV have favorites?

Yes, XtrixTV IPTV offers a customized XtrixTV App and XtrixTV Plus App, which provides a favorite function for users to add and delete favorite channels, as well as create a new channel list.

Don’t have an IPTV subscription to access XtrixTV’s favorites?

Without XtrixTV IPTV, you won’t be able to access the XtrixTV App, nor will you be able to use the app’s favorites. If you’re new to XtrixTV, you can request a free trial of our IPTV to try out XtrixTV’s Favorites function.

Last word

In summary, the favorites function on the XtrixTV App allows users to easily add and remove channels to a personalized list for quick and easy access to their favorite content. If you don’t already have an XtrixTV IPTV subscription, get the best IPTV subscriptions for 2023 here.

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