How to install AirTV IPTV on Android TV Box

AirTV IPTV on Android TV Box brings a world of entertainment to your fingertips. With its extensive offering of TV channels, dependable on-demand content, sports coverage, and a buffer-free experience, AirTV is the go-to IPTV subscription service. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly install AirTV IPTV on your Android TV box, ensuring you have access to a diverse range of content and a reliable streaming experience.


How to use AirTV IPTV on Android TV box?

Step1: Open your browser and search for “” and set up your own account an AirTV subscription plan.

Step2: Open your device, click the ‘Settings‘ button and Allow/enable Apps from Unknown Source.

Step3: Go to the browser and select the AirTV IPTV APP version you want to download , click the ‘download ‘ button. Or click the button below to download.

Step4: After downloading, Open Device Explorer – Download file – Click on the AirTV APK – install. Wait for the installation to complete, then open the app

Step5: Click on the AirTV app Settings, enter your subscription code, and click OK to activate your IPTV service.

Follow me and scroll down for a more detailed download tutorial.

AirTV IPTV on Android TV box tutorial 

No.1 Sign up for an AirTV account

The AirTV account is completely free to register, and once you have an AirTV Store account, you will be able to start a 3-day AirTV IPTV free trial. The registration process is very simple, please follow me.

-1 Open your browser and search link: “

-2 Click ‘Register‘ to create a new account.

-3 Enter Username, Email, password, and check I’m not a Robot and click Register.

-4 Enter your email, find the email we sent you to activate your account, click the activation link, and your account will be registered successfully. Please note that activation messages may be in your spam mailbox.

No.2 Get an IPTV trial or subscription

-1 Log in to your AirTV Store account.

-2 Click the “Subscription” button on the top menu.

-3 We have a variety of  IPTV Subscription Packages, please choose your favorite IPTV plan.

-4 Fill in your information as required, if you only want a IPTV free trial, you will not need to fill in your credit card information.

-5 When your order is submitted, our system will send the IPTV subscription activation code to your email and your store account.

No.3 Download IPTV to your Android TV box

-1 Turn on your device and click the ‘Settings‘ button.

-2 Slide down and find and click Security & Restrictions.


-3 Open Unknown Sources, Choose On, Then select OK.


-4 Go to the browser and open the page, click on the ‘download‘.

Note: Please make sure the download version is the same version as the free trial or subscription you received. Or swipe up to the top of the article and click the button to download it directly.

-5 Back to the main page, click on the Explorer.


-6 Click on the Download folder and find the AirTV app you just downloaded.

-7 Click Install.

-8 Wait a few seconds for the download to complete and click Open.

No.4 Activate IPTV subscriptions

-1 Open the AirTV APP.


-2 Click on the home screen Settings, then click on Account to enter the activation code.


-3 Enjoy the best IPTV streaming service.

If you don’t subscribe to the AirTV IPTV service, you need to go to the website for a paid subscription or get a IPTV free trial.

How do I install AirTV IPTV on my Android box?

If you want to install our IPTV service on your Android TV, Android phone, and Android box.
1. First of all, you need to download the AirTV APK corresponding to our equipment to complete the installation.
2. Get the code and enter the code to use.

Can you download IPTV on Android?

Yes, first you need to get our test code or subscription code and download the android device matching APK program. Complete the installation activation so you can watch your favorite shows on AirTV.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up AirTV IPTV on your Android TV Box, unlocking a world of entertainment at your fingertips. With its extensive channel selection, reliable on-demand content, and seamless sports coverage, AirTV proves to be a top-tier IPTV subscription service. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming and explore a diverse range of content with AirTV IPTV on your Android TV Box today.

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