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This article focuses on which IPTVs on Reddit can be competitors to Kemo IPTV, saving you time and giving you a clear choice of items.

What is Kemo IPTV?

Kemo IPTV offers you more than 15,000 global channels, including children’s programming, sports, news, movies, comedy, action, children’s programming, and more, including national and international stations. In addition, you can also watch it on mobile phones, tablets, computers, smartphones, and other devices. This is the first time a cable service provider has offered such an excellent IPTV service at such an affordable price and in such a wide range of ways.

Kemo IPTV features

  • More than 15,000 channels in different categories and genres.
  • Transfer video from standard definition streaming to ultra high definition (4K) quality.
  • Excellent customer service support 24/7.
  • It works on almost all devices and platforms.
  • Fast and stable connection with anti-freeze technology.
  • A variety of subscription plans to meet all your IPTV needs.

Factors that make Kemo IPTV an alternative

Here are the top 8 choices that recommended Kemo IPTV’s best alternatives list on Reddit.

  • Check what IPTV providers offer
  • The signal strength of the stream
  • Observe user ratings
  • Suitable site
  • Suitable equipment for your plan
  • Network speed and buffering
  • Valuable customer support
  • Budget factors

12+ Kemo IPTV List of best alternatives

Below is a list of 12+ options for Kemo IPTV that is best for you.

  1. AirTV IPTV
  2. OctoTV IPTV
  3. XtrixTV IPTV
  4. iviewHD IPTV
  6. Family4K IPTV
  8. IPTV Kind
  9. Nikon IPTV
  10. IPTV Trends
  11. OnlyIPTV
  12. IPTV4U
  13. Xtreme HD IPTV
  14. Sportz TV
  15. Strong IPTV
  16. YeahIPTV
  17. king IPTV
NameSupported devicesChannelsGeosLinkReview
AirTV IPTVAndroid Boxes, Smart TVs, Mobile devices, and FireStick (support for all Android devices)VOD with 3000+ Latest & Hot MoviesEurope, UK, AU, the USA, etc.Learn MoreStar_rating_4
OctoTV IPTVOctoTV supports iPhone, iPad, TV box, smart TV… Support for all smart devices offers M3U, Xtream code, Portal, Stalker, Android APK, and Engima IPK.16,000+ Live Channels, 20000+Movies & Series (VOD)The United States or CanadaLearn MoreStar_rating_4_of_5
XtrixTV IPTVAndroid Boxes, Smart TVS, Mobile devices, and FireStick (support for all Android devices)Over 1000 Live channels, and over 3000 latest movies.Britain, Australia, Europe, etcLearn MoreStar_rating_4
iviewHD IPTVAndroid Boxes, Smart TVS, Mobile devices, and FireStick (support for all Android devices)1000+ Live & 3000+ MoviesEurope, the UK, the USA, etc.Learn MoreStar_rating_5_of_5
OTV IPTVCompatible with all devices, including MAG, Android, XBMC, Enigma, IPTV Box, PC, and Smart TV.9000+ Live Channels, 20,000+ Movies and 15,000 Series.Arabic / Asia / Europe / Latin America / North America etc.Learn MoreStar_rating_5_of_5
Family4K IPTVCompatible with all devices, including MAG, Android, XBMC, Enigma, IPTV Box, PC, and Smart TV9000+ Live ChannelsEurope or ArabiaLearn MoreStar_rating_5_of_5


AirTV IPTV provides stable high-definition IPTV service without buffering. It works on all Android devices, but you can also use it on Firestick. The AirTV Extra subscription package is powerful and is for you if you are a sports fan in the UK and Australia. Offers UK channel 170+. AirTV has a wide variety of IPTV packages and you can choose their home package to save up to 60% off your subscription fee.

AirTV IPTV is worth it as an alternative to Kemo. If you have a lot of homes, I recommend you use the AirTV service, which offers a home package type IPTV subscription with lots of features and supports all Android devices. Click here to get the trial for free.

How to use AirTV IPTV on an Android device?


OctoTV IPTV is the best IPTV service that provides live and on-demand content for TV channels. It offers STANDARD DEFINITION, HD, Full HD, 4K, ULTRA HD, and high-quality live TV channels. OctoTV IPTV has the most reliable IPTV service, with 16,000 IPTV live channels, 20,000 movies and series (VOD) and world sports live.

OctoTV IPTV is highly recommended for its rich range of features and devices. Another great alternative to Kemo is, Click here to get a free 24-hour trial.

How to use OctoTV IPTV on GSE Smart IPTV Player?


XtrixTV IPTV supports all Android devices (phones, tablets, and Android boxes) and is available on Amazon Fire Sticks. Offer a 72-hour free trial before subscribing to IPTV. There is no extra charge for the test. The service is stable in HD. XtrixTV Plus has many features and features. If you are a sports fan, you should enjoy their catch-up and PVR services. There’s a single moving part. Some important channels are available on demand. TV updates live. This is a great IPTV service.

If you’re looking for a stable IPTV service, I’m sure you’ll find it. It will become your other best choice in addition to Kemo services and is one of the most stable IPTV providers in 2022.

How to use Catch up on Xtrix TV Plus IPTV?

iviewHD IPTV

iviewHD IPTV is another excellent choice. It is a premium IPTV smart subscription provider with many years of experience, offering the best IPTV service providers from Europe, the UK, the US, Germany, and more, with over 1000 full HD and standard HD and VODS updated live movie channels and series playlists.

If you subscribe to iviewHD IPTV, you’ll get a server-stable, buffered, and freeze-free IPTV service that supports all Android devices as well as smart TVs, Firestick, and more.

How to install iView HD on Firestick?


OTV is a premium IPTV service provider with many years of experience. Is a platform to provide a full range of programming via the Internet, including live TV channels, VOD (series and movies), exclusive transmission, and the best quality entertainment. Their IPTV service provides you with the best image quality through a robust and stable non-interference server, which will guarantee you the best quality live TV and VOD.

No freezing or buffering. New channels, movies, and TV shows are regularly updated and, most importantly, users can try a 24-hour free trial. And OTV IPTV on Whatsapp/WeChat/Telegram provide real-time chat 24h/7.

How to use OTV IPTV on TiviMate IPTV Player?

Family4K IPTV

Family4K IPTV is a premium IPTV service with many years of experience. Subscribe to Family4K and you’ll have access to more than 16,000 U.S. and international live TV channels, movies-on-demand, full series, and more from around the world. The best part? These channels are of impeccable quality, including 4K, which runs on all smart TVs, Android, and other devices.

In short, it provides the best IPTV solution at the best price – watching your favorite movies and TV shows on FHD. Offers to watch the biggest games and PPV events.

How to Use Family4K IPTV on Flix IPTV?


IPTV GEAR is the most expensive IPTV service. Has over 9000 channels and uses a +10Gbps private server. A paid IPTV subscription does not necessarily require a traditional satellite signal and cable model. TV series (more than 20,000), more than 20,000 movies, and all new movies-on-demand, as well as H264 compression technology, stable IPTV service, and no buffering and freezing.

IPTV GEAR is a high-quality IPTV provider with a high reputation value. It has delayed service compared to the Kemo service provider, if you need this service, then IPTV GEAR service is your best choice.

The Best alternative to IPTV GEAR | Who is the best choice?


IPTV Kind offers channels from around the world, including more than 400 premium gaming channels, more than 14K TV channels, and more than 12,000 live channels. 2000+ Quality sports channel. You can watch your favorite live channels, sports events, and TV movies. Each channel includes HD and UHD formats, as well as standard and full HD channels.

All in all, IPTV Kind is recommended if you’re looking for a cheap IPTV provider that offers a lot of TV channels.

Nikon IPTV

Nikon IPTV has the largest private server offering the best services on top of IPTV, including more than 9,000 HD, UHD, STANDARD DEFINITION and FHD live streaming channels and 18,000 VOD. They each contain more than 15,000 hit movies, TV shows, serials, and VOD reality shows.

Nikon IPTV is one of the cheapest Kemo alternatives following IPTV Kind. If you have a cost price requirement, you can choose Nikon IPTV. It is absolutely great value!

IPTV Trends is one of the best services because of its wide device compatibility and can be used with Firestick, computers/laptops, mobile devices, Mag/Enigma Boxes, smart TVs, and more. The service works for a variety of applications and provides multiple connections with a wide range of channels including International, sports, PPV, entertainment, news, and more.

IPTV Trends is also a good alternative to Kemo if you change your address frequently and want to have a trusted IPTV provider.


OnlyIPTV comes from 1000 + channels around the world. All devices are supported, but a dedicated IPTV box is recommended. Bring you full HD sports and ball games from around the world, as well as FHD and 4K movies and TV shows. You can transfer high-quality sports channels to your device. OnlyIPTV has a rich family and children’s movie section and is also updated with the latest blockbusters.

OnlyIPTV is the best Smart IPTV service on the market today. It’s as stable as Kemo and offers 4K HD video, so OnlyIPTV is also a good choice.


IPTV4U is a premium IPTV service with many years of experience. Our playlists contain + 13,000 full HD, HD, and standard definition channels, as well as VODS lists containing + 5,000 movies and series, plus IPTV servers are powerful, stable, and always updated. This will ensure that you get better quality without clips during viewing.

This is an IPTV service for the French, North African, and European markets, and you can find a list of countries/regions available directly in their IPTV service, much like Kemo, so if you’re willing to try, trust me! It’s really good!

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is the best international service, with over 21,000 live TV channels and over 60,000 VODs, fast servers, and anti-freeze technology for non-stop streaming. And with a huge video-on-demand library updated weekly, and every plan offering PPV content completely free, it’s packed with hundreds of sports channels from around the world, like NFL, MLB, etc.

Xtreme HD IPTV supports IPTV Smarters, Smart GSE, TiviMate, LazyIPTV, Kodi, and many other applications. This has a lot in common with OTV IPTV, both can be used on the IPTV player, and as we know, OTV IPTV also provides free IPTV player installation tutorials.

Sportz TV

Sportz TV offers more than 6,500 HD and ULTRA HD /4K channels.  It also has an EPG (electronic program Guide) and VOD (video on demand) similar to Kemo.

In addition to being a significant supplier in the US, UK, and Canada, it has access to other countries around the world.  Not only does it include sports channels and live events, but Sportz TV also has movies from other streaming providers, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney +.

It also offers different subscription plans based on user purpose, all of which are available at affordable prices.  In addition, potential users will be given a free 24-hour trial.

Sportz TV Alternative: The Benefits of Choosing OctoTV IPTV

Strong IPTV

Strong IPTV provides you with the highest quality IPTV streaming, with more than 14,000 IPTV channels and on-demand movies to choose from. Offers a large number of quality premium channels from all over the world, so wherever you are, you can make sure your country/region is on their list.

There are a number of benefits to using Strong IPTV. Watch our services, video on demand, and more, you will get a great experience. You can also put their services on as many devices as you can think of, such as Amazon Firesticks, FireTV, Android Box, game consoles, and more.

Strong IPTV’s largest IPTV Competitors and Reviews


Next on our list is YeahIPTV, which boasts over 7,000 HD live channels and about 9,000 VOD content. The IPTV provider has more than 30 stable servers to provide its subscribers with a buffered streaming experience.

It offers a 24-hour free trial and three types of plans, ranging in price from $2 to $70 per year. In addition, IPTV offers channels from about 42 countries.

YeahIPTV is a reliable alternative, also because it has automatic channel updates and 24/7 technical support. It works on Amazon Firestick, Android, iOS, Android TV, and many other devices.

YeahIPTV Biggest Competitor: Why OctoTV IPTV?


King IPTV is the leading Internet TV service provider that helps you access more than 12,000 standard definition, HD, Full HD, and 4K quality channels. You can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, sports, movies, and exclusive content on this network.

The best part of King IPTV is that it’s compatible with all major platforms like Magicbox, Android Box, Smart IPTV apps, Amazon Fire devices, and Kodi. This allows you to enjoy the best service on any given platform.

The Best alternative to King IPTV [June 2022 Update]

Which is the best alternative to the Kemo IPTV?

In this guide, I have introduced some of the hot IPTV services on Reddit, which hopefully will solve the difficult selection problem in your mind. These IPTV services may not seem too different, but it is important to combine, the signal strength of the signal stream given by the provider and the speed of your home device network, buffering and user ratings, among other factors.

Personally, I would recommend OctoTV iptv, which offers 16,000 channels and 20,000 VODs, and will provide a one-day test period. You can test all the above mentioned factors to get peace of mind about your subscription.

Or if you think OctoTV IPTV is not in your preorder range, you can also check out OTV IPTV, a provider with over 9,000 channels and very stable with little buffering, and they also offer free testing.


Is Kemo IPTV shut down?

Don’t. The Kemo application is running and not shut down.

Is Kemo IPTV’s alternative legal?

Yes. Kemo IPTV alternatives are legal to use as long as they provide you with content from a legitimate service provider.

Is Kemo IPTV secure?

Kemo TV is secure and no viruses or malware have been found on the site. However, using a VPN is recommended to protect your privacy.

Do you offer a free trial account?

OctoTV IPTV offers a $1 test, which is available for a fee because so many visitors come to create accounts just to test each day.

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