40+ Best Downloader Codes for Firestick 2023

In this all-encompassing guide, we dive into the world of Downloader Codes for Firestick. We’ll uncover their origins, understand how they function, and explore how they can elevate your FireStick experience. Whether you’re into streaming movies, TV shows, live sports, or utility apps, we’ve curated a remarkable selection of the best Downloader Codes to cater to diverse tastes and interests, including options for enhancing your IPTV service. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of entertainment possibilities with the best Downloader Codes for Firestick.


What are Downloader codes?

Downloader codes are short numerical or alphanumeric sequences, typically consisting of five digits, used to simplify the process of downloading and installing apps on FireStick or other similar devices using the Downloader app. Instead of typing lengthy URLs, users can input these codes to quickly access and install third-party applications that may not be available on official app stores like Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. These codes were introduced to streamline the installation process and are especially useful for those who used to rely on FileLinked, which is no longer functional. By using Downloader codes, users can easily sideload apps onto their FireStick or Android TV devices directly from the internet.

The Origin of AFTVnews URL Shortener

Downloader simplified the sideloading process, but it didn’t entirely eliminate the challenge of manually entering complete URLs using a virtual keyboard. Many users turned to URL shorteners to make this process easier, but they still had to deal with navigating special characters like “.” and “/” by switching between regular and special character input modes on the on-screen keyboard. Recognizing the need for a more convenient solution, Elias Saba introduced the AFTVnews URL Shortener in 2020.

How does Downloader URL Shortner work

When you enter a URL into the AFTVnews URL Shortener, it performs its typical function of generating a shortened URL. Within this shortened URL, a 5-digit code is embedded, commonly referred to as the Downloader code. Given that both the AFTVnews URL Shortener and the Downloader app are products of the same developer, this 5-digit code can be easily employed in place of the complete link to initiate the app download process.

How do you Use Downloader Code

In this section, I will walk you through the process of using a Downloader code, using the installation of the Ocean Streamz APK as an example. If you wish to install any other application, you can follow the same steps with a different Downloader code.

As you scroll down, you’ll find a categorized list of recommended applications along with their respective Downloader codes.

Now, let’s delve into how you can make the most of Downloader codes to effortlessly install applications.

  1. To swiftly install the Downloader app, you can utilize the Find > Search option on the home screen of your FireStick device.
  2. Launch the Downloader app on your FireStick device.
  3. Tap on the input box labeled “Enter a URL or Search Term.”
  4. Using the virtual keyboard, enter the code 64254 and select “Go.”
    Quick tip: 64254 is the download code for Ocean Streamz APK. You can enter the corresponding download code for the software you want to download.
  5. A web page will load in the browser section of the Downloader app. Please wait for a few seconds.
  6. Wait for the APK to download.
  7. Click on “INSTALL” and wait for the installation to complete.


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Best Downloader Codes for Apps/Apk Stores

The Downloader Codes for these Apps/Apk Stores allow users to install third-party applications that are not available on the Amazon Appstore. Users can choose from a variety of options based on their needs and interests.

1. Unlinked


Downloader Code: 234753

Unlinked, a recent FileLinked alternative, emerged after FileLinked’s shutdown. Similar to FileLinked, it acts as an app store where you input codes to access multiple apps in one location.

2. FileSynced


Downloader Code: 80434

FileSynced, another FileLinked clone and alternative, includes a Trending Codes section with hundreds of apps.

3. Mobilism


Downloader Code: 72820

Mobilism is a free app store offering over 300,000 apps, games, and ebooks, including premium ones available for free. It’s a US-based website with content from the Google Play Store.

4. Tech Bigs


Downloader Code: 37764

TechBigs is an apk and app store website with a wide selection of downloads, including games, Live TV, movies, VOD, music, and more.

5. RexDL


Downloader Code: 53028

RexDL is renowned for its collection of Modded Apks for games, making it a top choice for gamers. It also offers various app categories like communication, education, streaming, health & fitness, and more.

6. ApkDone


Downloader Code: 29081

APKDone is a go-to platform for swiftly accessing apps/apks, particularly utilities and tools like Picarts and video editors. It also offers a variety of great apps, including VPNs, IPTVs, video streaming apps, games, and more, perfect for Firestick users.

Best Downloader Codes for Live TV Apps

Now, let’s focus on some valuable live TV applications, including free live TV apps that allow cord-cutters to watch thousands of live TV channels from any country for free. Check them out!

7. Peacock TV


Downloader Code: 70430

Peacock TV is now available on Amazon App Store. It offers a free plan with limited content and a paid plan called Peacock Premium for full access to original series and new episodes of popular shows.

8. LiveNet TV


Downloader Code: 86975

LiveNet TV is a popular app with 700+ TV channels in SD and HD. It offers channels from various countries and allows you to watch live sports events, including PPV matches.

9. HD Streamz


Downloader Code: 90248

HD Streamz is a dynamic live TV app that allows you to stream your favorite TV channels from 19 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, and more. It also offers a selection of radio channels for added entertainment.

10. Swift Streamz


Downloader Code: 23346

With Swift Streamz, you can stream 700+ channels from around the globe. The app supports multiple players and has DLNA support for seamless playback.

11. AOS TV


Downloader Code: 16397

AOS TV is a popular IPTV app offering 1,000+ channels from around the world. It’s ad-supported but with non-intrusive ads. The app features a sleek UI with easy navigation for Sports, News, Movies, Entertainment, and even trending topics.

12. TiviMate


Downloader Code: 72816

TiviMate is an IPTV player that requires a subscription to an IPTV service for accessing live TV channels. It supports M3U links, Xtream Codes, and Stalker Portal.

13. TVTap


Downloader Code: 83272

TVTap is a dynamic live TV app with a wide range of cable TV channels from around the world. It offers personalized recommendations, channel filtering by country/region, and supports external video players.

14. HDTV Ultimate


Downloader Code: 56389

HDTV Ultimate is a well-known live TV app compatible with Fire TV and Android. It offers hundreds of channels, sports content, and on-demand movies. The app supports external video players for easy streaming.

15. Stremium


Downloader Code: 16735

Stremium (formerly FitzyTV) is a live TV app with DVR capabilities. It offers free and subscription plans, including a 7-day free trial. Regular updates ensure a smooth experience.

16. Xumo TV


Downloader Code: 74930

Xumo TV is a free live and on-demand streaming app with diverse content categories like news, sports, entertainment, and movies. It is available in select countries and does not require a subscription.

17. OLA TV


Downloader Code: 43822

Ola TV provides an easy-to-use interface with a wide range of live channels from multiple countries. Many channels offer high-definition streaming for an excellent viewing experience.

Best Downloader Codes for Movie and TV Show Apps

In this compilation, you’ll find the top Downloader app codes for free movie and TV show streaming apps on FireStick. These codes grant access to a wide array of free content, ensuring an enjoyable streaming experience.

18. Cinema HD


Downloader Code: 59745

Cinema APK is a highly popular app for streaming movies and TV shows. It offers HD content with minimal buffering and supports real-debrid integration for high-quality links.

19. CyberFlix


Downloader Code: 59601

CyberFlix TV is a user-friendly streaming app with a wide range of movies and shows. It supports real-debrid and Trakt integration and offers subtitles in multiple languages.

20. UK Turks


Downloader Code: 46236

UK Turks is an all-in-one app offering movies, TV shows, live TV, and more, completely ad-free. It’s a comprehensive streaming service that includes radio, cartoons, and CCTV alongside movies and TV shows.

21. Nova TV


Downloader Code: 47034

Nova is a renowned app for movies and TV shows with a vast selection of categories. It provides HD quality streams, especially when used with a real-debrid account.

22. TeaTV


Downloader Code: 49074

TeaTV is a popular streaming app with a vast content library. It supports Real Debrid and Trakt integration, making it a top choice for Fire Stick and Android users.

23. Strix


Downloader Code: 26142

Strix offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of content options, including live channels, with fast and smooth streaming despite occasional advertisements.

24. MegaBox HD


Downloader Code: 70334

MegaBox HD is a great app for watching movies and TV shows. It allows offline downloads and offers various resolution options, with regular content updates.

25. Syncler


Downloader Code: 70359

Syncler is a fresh addition to the streaming world, providing access to on-demand movies and TV shows.

26. MediaBox HD


Downloader Code: 48797

MediaBox HD is a top-notch app for streaming movies and TV shows, with a vast library and HD quality links. It also supports Real Debrid integration.

27. CatMouse


Downloader Code: 68813

CatMouse is a user-friendly app with a wide variety of movies and shows. It offers high-quality streaming and easy downloading options.

28. FilmPlus


Downloader Code: 41290

FilmPlus is a new but impressive streaming app with HD-quality content, a wide selection of movies and TV shows, the ability to download content, and support for multiple languages.

29. Rokkr


Downloader Code: 24607

Rokkr is a sleek streaming app that, like Syncler and Kodi, requires users to install providers for stream discovery, offering a wide range of content options including live streaming.

30. OreoTV


Downloader Code: 29625

OreoTV is a user-friendly live TV app with 6,000+ channels from various countries, offering solid streaming quality and on-demand content.

31. Ocean Streamz


Downloader Code: 64254

Ocean Streamz is a straightforward and user-friendly VOD app that offers a hassle-free streaming experience.

32. Kodi


Downloader Code: (Kodi 18) 20736; (Kodi 19) 85541

Kodi is a popular all-in-one app with a vast addon ecosystem for streaming movies, TV shows, and live TV on various devices.

33. BeeTV


Downloader Code: 68034

BeeTV is a user-friendly streaming app with high-quality content, real-debrid integration, and regularly updated categories for easy navigation.

34. BBC iPlayer


Downloader Code: 64613

BBC iPlayer is a premier UK streaming service with a wide variety of content, accessible through a reliable VPN service outside the UK.

Best Downloader Codes for Utility Apps

Here are some Downloader codes for useful utilities! These apps can help you do more with your FireStick and enhance your streaming experience. Give them a try!

35. VLC Player


Downloader Code: 78283

VLC Player, a widely-used media player, enhances your streaming experience by seamlessly integrating with numerous streaming apps. Overcome buffering and other issues by utilizing VLC Player for a smooth and uninterrupted streaming session.

36. MX Player


Downloader Code:76252

MX Player is a popular media player among avid streamers. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats, making it highly versatile. Similar to VLC Player, MX Player is lightweight and dependable. It is compatible with popular streaming apps like Cinema HD, TVTap and more.

37. Mouse Toggle


Downloader Code: 25628

Mouse Toggle simplifies navigating sideloaded apps on FireStick, allowing smooth control with a virtual mouse cursor on the TV screen.

38. APKTime


Downloader Code: 11946

APKTime is your one-stop marketplace for all your APK needs. User-friendly interface, easy installation, and regular updates. Neatly categorized with detailed app information.

39. ES File Explorer


Downloader Code: 73100

ES File Explorer optimizes your device by cleaning and managing apps, ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, it serves as a versatile tool for sideloading third-party apps, serving as an alternative to Downloader for accessing content unavailable on the Amazon App Store.

Best Downloader Codes – Live Streaming Apps

If you’re looking for live streaming options, we recommend checking out the following Downloader Codes recommendations to explore various streaming choices.

40. IPTV Smarters


Downloader Code: 78522

IPTV Smarters is a popular IPTV player utilized by thousands of users. With the ability to input an M3U URL, it allows for high-definition streaming of preferred IPTV services.

41. Media Lounge APK


Downloader Code: 75206

Media Lounge is an APK that utilizes torrents for streaming, necessitating the use of a VPN. It offers a wide range of content including live streams, movies, and TV shows.

42. Perfect Player


Downloader Code: 929878

Perfect Player boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless integration with any IPTV provider. Users can enjoy a straightforward Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to effortlessly browse through numerous live channels on any device.

43. Smart IPTV


Downloader Code: 75340

Smart IPTV is optimized for Android devices, but Firestick users can also access it. Its distinctive interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience when finding and playing live content.

Best Downloader Codes for Sports Streaming Apps

If you’re a devoted sports fan, take a look at the recommended live sports Downloader Codes below – you’ll love them!

44. La Deportes


Downloader Code: 986880

La Deportes APK is a Live Sports streaming app for Football, Cricket, Golf, and more. Only offers live streaming, no highlights or replays.

45. Lepto Sports


Downloader Code: 12581

Lepto Sports is akin to the La Deportes app, offering a plethora of live sports events worldwide. Access the latest sports events live on Lepto Sports with over 200 sports channels and an ad-free streaming experience.

46. Wawa Sport TV


Downloader Code: 928243

Wawa Sport TV provides a variety of live sports, such as Football, basketball, and baseball, from countries like the UK, US, Brazil, and Arabia. Users can choose content in different languages and enjoy streaming in SD and HD quality.

47. NavixSport


Downloader Code: 108915

NavixSport is a free live sports streaming app offering a vast selection of live sports TV channels worldwide. With unlimited game options, highlights, line-ups, and news, it provides content in 1080p and 720p resolutions.

48. Tea Sports Live


Downloader Code: 62733

Tea Sports Live Sports streaming app allows you to watch various major live football or soccer tournaments and major leagues worldwide. It also offers a multi-language option and keeps you updated with scores and highlights of teams.

49. 123 Sport Live


Downloader Code: 16054

123 Live Sport is a live-streaming app for sports like football, baseball, soccer, cricket, boxing, and more. It fetches the best streaming links for major sporting events worldwide.

FAQ about Downloader Codes

Are Downloader Codes Legal?

Yes, employing Downloader codes for app installation is considered legal. However, it’s crucial to note that certain third-party apps may grant access to copyrighted content without proper authorization. To ensure you are streaming content in compliance with copyright laws and safeguarding your online privacy, it’s advisable to utilize a VPN.

Are these Downloader codes free?

Indeed, these codes are entirely free, requiring no payment whatsoever. Simply input the code instead of the URL, and you’re ready to proceed without any charges.

What is the code for Cinema Downloader on Firestick?

The code for Cinema Downloader on Firestick is 59745.

How do I install downloader on Firestick?

1. Open the Downloader app on your FireStick device.
2. In the input box labeled “Enter a URL or Search Term,” enter the desired code, such as 64254.
3. Select “Go” using the virtual keyboard.
4. Wait for the web page to load in the Downloader app’s browser section.
5. Once the APK is downloaded, click on “INSTALL” and wait for the installation to finish.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide, you now have access to an extensive collection of the best Downloader Codes for Firestick. These codes open up a world of entertainment possibilities, enhancing your streaming experience, and complementing your IPTV subscription service. Whether you’re a movie buff, sports enthusiast, or just looking to explore new apps, these codes are your key to unlocking an array of content. Keep your Firestick loaded with the best codes, stay updated, and enjoy endless hours of entertainment at your fingertips. Elevate your Firestick experience with the best Downloader Codes, and make the most out of your IPTV service.

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