How to Configuration GTV IPTV on Android TV/TV BOX? [2023]

install GTV IPTV on Android TV-TV BOX

GTV IPTV is the best Android IPTV service provider, allowing new and existing customers to get and watch selected TV channels on their Android devices.

This tutorial guide is a detailed tutorial instruction manual. Describes how to install and use the GTV IPTV application on Android TV/TV BOX. Let’s learn!

What is GTV IPTV?

GTV IPTV service is a server-stable, buffered, sports-centric IPTV service that is the best IPTV application in the United States and Europe! Reliable IPTV over 1000 US and European channels, including international live TV, more than 3000 latest movies, TV shows, live world sports, and more!

GTV IPTV compatible devices

GTV IPTV is an Android IPTV, we allow our clients to get and watch selected TV channels on their Android devices, such as Android Box, Mobile Phones, Firestick, Nvidia Shield and Smart TV sets and Pad, etc.

GTV IPTV installation tutorial on Android TV/TV BOX

If you are using GTV IPTV, you will need to install and activate the GTV IPTV app on your Android TV/TV BOX. Here we will walk through the details of installing and using GTV IPTV in three steps.

1. Get the GTV IPTV subscription activation code

Before installing GTV IPTV APK, you need to know how to get our IPTV subscription code. Refer to the following steps:

1- Use your browser to search our website at The GTV IPTV home page will appear on your screen.

2- Mouse over the “Subscription” button, expand, select a GTV IPTV or GTV Plus IPTV subscription, and go to the subscription page.

Get a GTV IPTV subscription

Please note: GTV service offers both Standard and Plus subscription packages for our customers to choose from. Users can choose the type of package that suits them according to their needs. This tutorial uses the GTV IPTV version as an example. The installation method for the GTV Plus IPTV version is similar.

3- Choose a free 3-day trial of “Order Now” or opt for an IPTV subscription.

4- Then click “Add to cart.” Then click “View cart”.

Get a GTV IPTV subscription2

5- Confirm the product to be added and click “Proceed to checkout”. Then determine the “Place order” again.

Get a GTV IPTV subscription3

Please note: Our Android IPTV uses an automatic distribution system to process your order. You will receive your IPTV activation code within 1 minute of payment. Please check your email.

2. Download the GTV IPTV APK

The process of configuring IPTV on Android TV/TV BOX is very simple. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to install IPTV. To make sure your device is compatible with streaming IPTV, you need to make sure your smart TV is Android.

1- Set Security&retrictions<< Unknown sources<< Off<< OK on your Android TV.

open Unknown sources

2- Then find Chrome and go to the New Pro IPTV website, ( Click the “Android IPTV App” button. The download page is displayed.

3- Then find GTV IPTV Apk for STB or GTV Plus Apk for STB and click the “DOWNLOAD” button.

install gtv iptv apk

Please note: Make sure the version you download is the same as the package you subscribe to. In other words: if you subscribe to the GTV IPTV version, the equivalent of downloading GTV IPTV APK, GTV Plus IPTV is the same.

4- Open the downloaded APK file and install it.

5- GTV IPTV APK will appear on your screen.

3. Activate the application

1- Open the home page of the GTV IPTV application.

input activation code (2)

2- Click on the user’s avatar and enter your IPTV subscription code, which you get when you purchase the subscription.

input activation code (1)

Please note: After subscribing, an activation code will be sent to your email. If you have any problems, please contact customer service.

3- Android TV/TV BOX is already equipped with GTV IPTV, download you can watch all your favorite shows and channels anytime, anywhere.


If you want to install IPTV service on your Android TV/TV BOX, GTV IPTV works well. It can be easily installed on your Android device using the tutorial instructions above.

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