Android IPTV FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about all of our Android IPTV subscriptions.


Definitely. All of our new users enjoy a 24hours free access. Click here to see how you can get it.

Both the free trial and the paid subscription provide access to the full content, the only difference being that the free trial is valid for 24 hours.

After submitting an IPTV subscription order, the New Pro IPTV will automatically send an IPTV code to your email or user center without a long wait. It usually takes less than a minute.

Once the payment has been made, Your IPTV code will be automatically sent and ready to use. (Will does not expire if not activated).

Major Debit and Credit Cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and more. No Gift Cards or PayPal.

We have a 3 days money back guarantee, if we cannot resolve any issue that you are facing.

Contact us with the reason.

Currently Android platform is supported. You can use the service on any Android Devices such as Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Android TV Box, Mobile or Tab, Google TV, New Chromecast with Google TV, Android TV. Check out the related OTV IPTV tutorial here.

No, we do not. Our app is built from scratch. We do not support 3rd Party apps. You can use the service with OTV Premium Pro App only.

We have thousands of Quality streams and video-on-demand available. You can click here to check out the list.

We are a team of Streaming Engineers and Server Management Technical. Our service is buffer free.

In case you are facing freezing or buffering issues refer to the Troubleshoot Guide.

No, as every subscription runs on 1 device of your choice and therefore meaning you can’t run it on multiple devices at the same time. If you buy a new device or need it putting on a different device let us know and we can activate it on your other devices for you. If you want it on 2 devices at the same time you would need to buy 2 subscriptions.


Yes, we offer a three-day free trial so you can have plenty of time to test our service.

The main differrence as below:

  1.  Trial Code is for 3days.
  2. Paid subscription code is for 31/93/186/372days.
  3. Some wonderful Sports Channels are not opened in Trial Code.

We use the automatic distribution system to process your order. You will receive the IPTV code we send to you within 1 minute after payment. You can use the code to watch your favorite program.

We support debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard) payments. If you need other payment methods, please contact us.

Yes we offer a refund but you must let us know within 2 days of buying our service.

  1. Please make sure your credit card information is correct.
  2. Please complete the billing address information to improve the success rate of payment.
  3. Please use an valid credit/debit card, we support Master, Visa & Debit Card.
  4. These things would bring payment failed:
    (1) Card exceed trade limit, or Insufficient Funds.
    (2) CVN code don’t match.
    (3) Your Card does not support paying oversea.
    (4) During pay, your IP coutry/region is not same as the issuing card bank’s. Pls not use VPN during Pay.
    (5) Over 3 times failed within 24hours.
    (6) Only allow one order paid successfully within 24hours. The next order, please pay after 24hours.
  5. If you need other payment methods (Western Union, Alipay, etc.) please contact us, please contact us our at official domain email.

Please log into Your website Account and click My account-orders-View-your license key (This is your IPTV Code).

Or check both your inbox and spam box. If you have not received the code, please contact us directly.

It starts when you enter code to play. you can check expire date on login screenshot.

For the renew, there are two ways:

  1. Pay directly on the website, then you will get a new subscription to activate, and finish renew.
  2. Or contact us for renew. We will use new subscription to renew for you or renew directly by hand from server (this way, no need new subscription code.)

Do not worried, you can renew/activate a new subscription code at any time, even if the subscription has not expired.  When renewing, the new subscription days will be added together with the remaining days. It won’t waste your rest days!  

Standard Version & Plus Version, both are with same channels. The main difference as below:

  1. Plus Version with 7Days Catch Up and Cloud PVR.
  2. Plus Version (STB Version) with Grid EPG & Classic EPG.
  3. Plus Version VOD with more wonderful sport events.

You can do the subscripotion again and put the code.You can check the endurance days from software.

IPTV apps work with All android device, Android Box / Pad / Phone / stick. It does not support vlc or m3u list.

No, it can work on one device only. One code one device.

1. It dose not support M3U file. It only needs codes to open.
2. It dose not support MAG250, iOS, and PC right now.

    1. STB version is for Android smart TV, Android TV box.
    2. PAD version is for Android tablet, Android phone, support Touch Screen Operation.
    3. The EPG menu has the following differences.
Grid/Classic/Normal EPG Menus
 Grid EPGClassic EPGNormal EPG
Standard Version ( STB APK )
Standard Version ( PAD APK )
Plus Version ( STB APK )
Plus Version ( PAD APK )
Plus Sub-device Version ( STB APK )
Plus Sub-device Version ( PAD APK )

Don’t worry, we will help to move the subscription code to your other/new device. Please send us the following two things:

  1. Your subscription code or order number. 
  2. After APK installed, please inform us the device ID. 

How to obtain the device ID? 

Please take a screenshot when running APK or contact us directly. We will help you and send you sample picture.)

Please contact us to switch the subscription to your new device

Please uninstall the wrong version, and then install the correct one.

No, you don’t need to enter code again after uninstall and reinstall,  because your device has already remembered the account, which means that even if your account has been purchased for a long time, you don’t have to worry about not being able to log in when you reinstall.

  1. Please confirm your device with Android OS.
  2. During installation, do please give superuser access for our IPTV APK. (it is best to select “remember choice for ever”).
  3. Or maybe Your BOX may be out of memory, please clear the cache and try again.
  4. Or reinstall the apk again.
  5. If above not help, please do the factory setting for your device, then try again.
  6. Or contact us for support.
  1. APK can upgrade automatically.
    When latest version releasing, you will get reminder, then select auto-upgrade or no-upgrade.
  2. Or you can download the latest version from our website, then install byself.

There may be several reasons why the subscription code doesn’t work. Check as follows:

  1. Fill in the correct subscription code. 
  2. If still with problem, check whether the correct VERSION of APK is installed. 
    There are two versions: Standard(Blue color), Plus (Red color), they are using different free trial code. 
  3. If you have purchased the wrong version subscription code, please contact us to replace.
    If you change subscription code from Standard version to Plus, It is OK and please contact us. And you can pay the balance if any.
    Please pay attenton: do please not activate the code, if you want to change/replace.
  4. If the above methods do not help, please contact our support email directly. 
  1. One device can use the free trial code only one time, can not use another trial code on the same device.
  2. Can order 1/3/6/12months to enjoy directly.
  3. Or can contact us directly to renew free trial specially.

Only standard (STB version) and Plus version (STB version) comes with the classic EPG.

Grid/Classic/Normal EPG Menus
 Grid EPGClassic EPGNormal EPG
Standard Version ( STB APK )
Standard Version ( PAD APK )
Plus Version ( STB APK )
Plus Version ( PAD APK )
Plus Sub-device Version ( STB APK )
Plus Sub-device Version ( PAD APK )

Check out this IPTV with Catch Up tutorial.

Check out this Recording IPTV tutorial.

Yes, the Plus version has its own cloud PVR (video) function, 200+ channels to record arbitrarily (maximum 40 hours), all saved in the server, not saving the local space of your device. So you can watch the record vidoe at anytime and anywhere. The Standard version does not support video recording.

  1. Our IPTV does not support record locally.
  2. If your device support record locally, you can do it. But suggest check with your device supplier.

Go to the live channel, long press the OK button, and select the pentacle in the popup window to finish adding the favorite channel. Once added, you’ll be able to view it in your favorite list.

Yes, we’ll do our best to add. Please help to collect and provide the following details:

  1. What is the channel name? 
  2. Which SAT has that channel? 
  3. What is the TP of these channels? 

As we all know, there are too many channels in the world. So more detail can help us check whether it can be added. We’ll do our best to improve our service.

There are now 37 American channels. For more American or Australian channels, please help to collect and provide the following details:

  1. What is the channel name? 
  2. Which SAT is associated with these channels. 
  3. What is the TP of these channels? 

As we all know, there are too many channels in the world. So more detail can help us check if it can be added in a short time. But we will try our best to improve our service.

ATV IPTV, Please follow these steps. STB/PAD Version: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “3354”- Go to channel- Enter code again

There are solutions when you have these error codes. Error codes(800, 402, 405, 411, 501)

When TV screen show: 800, it’s the problem with Network connection. please try reboot router and connect network again.
When TV screen show: 402, it’s the problem with IP blocked. (illegal used) connect vpn to make it work.
When TV screen show: 405, it can’t be used in Australia and New Zealand. (Contact us or use VPN)
When TV screen show: 411, Data exception, the server disabled the device, you need to contact us for help.
When TV screen show: 501, It means server upgrade, user needs to wait for upgrade done.

  1. If most channels work fine, but there is a channel frozen or buffered, or no sound.  The problem would be in the device decoding ability. Please go to our IPTV APK MISC to try: hardware/software decoding and it will solve this problem.  MISC-Decoding Model-Hardware/Software Decoding.
  2. If not solved, please contact us for support.  
  1. Most of these kind problem can be solved by this way. Setting-MISC-Decoding Model, try the Hardware or Software Decoding.
  2. Or clean your cache, then try again.
  3. Or change another internet or Phone hotspot to try.
  4. Or contact us for support.