How to set up IPTV on MAG Box? [Updated 2022]

If you’re looking for your first IPTV box, or if the box you currently own isn’t very good, then the MAG set-top box is a great option. It is one of the most popular and easiest ways to watch IPTV in the UK.


In this tutorial, we will discuss how to set up IPTV on MAG, a simple guide to installing and configuring IPTV, and then transfer your favorite videos and shows to your device.

What is MAG?

MAG is primarily a set-top box and a streaming device that lets you stream media to your TV or play offline media from a storage device connected to a USB port. The best part of Mag is that it has stalker middleware built-in, through which you can stream IPTV without downloading any third-party applications.

Reasons to love MAG

  • 4K support – When enjoying high-quality video, users can have the best streaming experience with 4K quality video in any format.
  • Total satisfaction – The Internet is fast, the video quality is amazing, the devices are super fast, and the overall user experience with these boxes is better.
  • Compatible with any TV system – There are many options for using online TV and it’s easy for users to enjoy their streaming media.
  • Simple management – this is one of the best things about MAG’s streaming media player. The device has a nice and simple interface
  • Stable connections -MAG boxes are known for their reliability. They provide you with a great and uninterrupted video streaming experience. The super-fast Internet allows users to stream any video at any time.
  • Affordable and Cheap -MAG boxes are cheaper, more affordable, and have better quality and performance. They promise to provide the best streaming experience without you having to pay a high cost.
  • High-quality video – 4K video is supported. That’s what people need right now.

How to install and configure IPTV on MAG?

It’s not hard to watch Mag Box’s IPTV. Simply follow the instructions to enter the MAC address below the MAG box into the service provider’s website or into your account, so the first thing you need to know is how to get a MAC address. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

How to get a MAC address?

Step 1: Flip your MAG box to the bottom

Step 2: Your MAC address will appear, for example, 00:1A:79:00:00:00

Step 3: Register your MAC address.

Note: you can register at, free trial IPTV, here basically is input the correct MAC address, so that you can be added to our server.

Step 4: Wait a few minutes and you can easily set up IPTV on your box to stream channel video.

How to set up IPTV on MAG?

Keep reading for simple detailed steps to install IPTV on your MAG box.

Step 1: Plug your MAG device into the power supply and connect the HDMI cable to the TV and box.

Step 2: Make sure your device is always connected to the network.

Step 3: Find and click “Settings“.


Step 4: Click “System Settings” and go to “Servers“.


Step 5: Select “Portals“.


Step 6: In Portal 1 Name, enter Enter the Portal address provided in your subscription in the Portal 1 URL.


Step 7: Press “OK” to save your changes.

Step 8: After completing all of the above steps, restart the portal. Then you can watch live TV using IPTV.

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Related FAQs

What is a MAG box?

MAG Box is a streaming device that allows you to stream live channels to your TV. It usually requires an IPTV subscription.

Where can I find the portal?

The IPTV provider will provide you with a portal after you subscribe.

Why is there no option to change the portal?

Try restoring factory Settings or contact the Infomir support team.

Why received an error – your STB has been blocked?

When this happens, it means that the IPTV provider has not yet added your MAC address to their system. Please contact your IPTV provider.


This tutorial details how to stream your IPTV to the MAG box, which, unlike the Android box, you can’t install anything on it. It’s all for IPTV, so you need to have a reliable IPTV provider to register your MAC address. If possible, it’s strongly recommended that you try the OctoTV IPTV and get a 24-hour free trial.

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