How to use Kodi on Android/Firestick? | Beginners guide 2022

This article will show you how to install and use Kodi on Android/Firestick, allowing you to watch movies and TV shows on any streaming device.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source cross-platform software media player and entertainment center for managing your local collections of movies, TV shows, music, and photos. You might even remember it as the old Xbox Media Center (XBMC). Kodi relies entirely on your existing media, so you need to subscribe to a video streaming service or music streaming app, and the utility of Kodi is that it supports many file types and is compatible with many different devices.

Feature of Kodi

  • User-friendly application.
  • Allows storage of live TV channels.
  • Add-ons are readily available.
  • 4 k content.
  • Reliable service provider.
  • It supports available AAC, OGG, and MP3 files.
  • Supports a variety of audio and video formats.
  • It does not contain any advertising.

Kodi compatible devices

You probably have at least one device that supports Kodi, as the free software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Amazon Firestick, and iOS devices. You can use Kodi to synchronize your media libraries across multiple devices using supported add-ons or local networks. If you want to set up a dedicated media player with the Kodi library in every room, you can do that too.

How to install and use Kodi on Android/Firestick?

Keep reading for more detailed tutorials on how to install and use Kodi for Android, Firestick, and more.

Method 1: Install Kodi on Android

Install by Google Store

Kodi can be searched directly in the Google Play Store on Android TV devices, as long as you have a free Google account. Follow these simple installation steps:

Step 1: Open your Android device and go to the App Store.

Step 2: Open the search bar in the App Store and type “Kodi.”

use Kodi on Android/Firestick

Step 3: Find the installation icon and click Install.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, click open.

Step 5: Then click “CONTINUE”.

Step 6: Click “Allow”.

Great, you’ve successfully installed Kodi on your Android device. However, it’s worth noting that the most stable version is not available on the Google Play store, so if you want to download the stable version of Kodi, you’ll need to use the following methods. Let’s take a look!

Install by Downloader

Step 1: On the home screen of your device, hover your mouse over the Find option.

Step 2: Click to search for Downloader.


Step 3: Find the corresponding program and click install.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, click “Open”.

Step 5: Go back to the main screen and set open Unknown Source: Click Settings >> Go to My Fire TV>> Select Developer Options >> Click Install Unknown Apps >> Open Downloader.

Step 6: Open the Downloader application and click the search bar.

Step 7: Enter the download link for Kodi and click “GO.”


Step 8: Wait for the file to download, then click “Install”.

Step 9: Click “DONE”.

This is how you install Kodi on your Android device via Downloader. You can try it.

Method 2: Set up Kodi on Firestick

Since Kodi is not available in the Amazon App Store, we had to side-load it onto our devices. This side-loading process, also known as jailbreak Firestick, allows you to stream free movies, TV shows, sports, PPV, adult content, and more. Here are the installation steps.

Step 1: First install the Downloader App on your Android TV device (if you haven’t already). Launch Unknown Sources before downloading.

Step 2: Open Downloader if prompted, click Allow

Step 3: Enter the URL in the search bar and click “GO”

Step 4: Wait for the file download to complete, then click Install.

Step 5: Click “DOWN”.

Step 6: Click Delete to discard the Kodi installation file, as this will free up valuable space on the Fire TV Stick

Step 7: Click “Delete” again.

Step 8: Return to your device’s home screen. Launch Kodi and click the Continue button.

Step 9: Click Allow, wait for it to load, and then Kodi is installed on your Firestick.

How to set up IPTV channels on Kodi?

Start by streaming IPTV using Kodi’s official PVR IPTV simple client. We’ll start by installing the PVR plug-in. Then enter the M3U playlist, two big steps to add IPTV channels.

Install the PVR IPTV client

PVR IPTV simple client plug-in allows you to set IPTV on the device. So we need to install the plug-in.

Step 1: Open the Kodi app.

Step 2: Click Settings.

Step 3: Select the add-ons button.

install Kodi 1

Step 4: Then click “Install from Repository”

Step 5: Select “All Repositories”.

Step 6: Swipe down and select “PVR Clients”.

Step 7: Then click PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Step 8: The Addon‘s dashboard will open. Select Install.

install Kodi 2

Step 9: Click “OK”.

Step 10: Wait a few minutes and you will be notified that your plug-in has been installed.

Add an M3U playlist

Follow these steps to add a playlist to a plug-in for streaming IPTV:

Step 1: On the same screen, select PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Step 2: Select the Configure button.

install Kodi 3

Step 3: Go to the general option.

Step 4: In the general TAB, scroll down and select the M3U playlist URL.

install Kodi 4

Step 5: Enter the M3U link provided by the IPTV subscriber.

install Kodi 5

Note: Kodi apps, like other players, don’t offer any IPTV channel content. They need to work with the IPTV provider to stream IPTV content to your device.

Step 6: Click “OK” to return to the main screen and restart the Kodi app.

Step 7: The PVR plug-in will start loading channels from the M3U playlist you entered. Wait for the plug-in to finish importing the channel.

If you complete the above steps, congratulations! Successfully added IPTV channels to Kodi.

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How do I update Leia on Kodi?

Open the Google Play Store, search for Kodi, and open it. If there is any new update available, it will show an ā€œUpdateā€ button. Tap on it and the Play Store will start updating Kodi. That’s it.

Kodi is completely legal software?

Kodi is completely legal (and free) software.
There are lots of legal and free Kodi add-ons for watching TV, streaming movies, or enjoying your favorite media.


The above is the detailed steps to install and use Kodi on your device, provided you have an IPTV subscription service that provides you with M3U playback links, therefore, it is important to have a reliable IPTV provider, in my recommendation, I highly recommend trying family 4K IPTV, which offers a 24-hour free trial, It’s very friendly for us.

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