How to configure Premium TV Apk on Android phones/tablets?

OTV IPTV is one of the best Android IPTV providers and one of the most perfect IPTV plans. If you have an Android phone /tablet and want to watch more channels and shows and have subscribed to the OTV IPTV subscription, download the Premium TV Apk to your device to use the subscription.

This article introduces you to how Premium TV Apk is installed and used on Android phones/tablets and all the information about Premium TV Apk.

Premium TV Apk features

  • Live TV & Movies & Series
  • Live with EPG
  • Favorite
  • Catch Up
  • Recording IPTV
  • Multi-Screen
  • Stream Format
  • Parental Control
  • Speed Test
  • VPN
  • No ad
  • and more

Premium TV Apk Pros

  1. The App provides more advanced functions, such as multi-screen, recording, Catch Up, and so on.
  2. You can also use your login credentials on other third-party players.

Premium TV Apk Cons

  1. Orders must wait for manual processing.
  2. The validity period of the subscription will be calculated from the moment the order email is sent.

How to configure Premium TV Apk on Android phones/tablets?

If you don’t have an OTV IPTV subscription yet, we recommend getting one of our subscription plan packages before installing. If you’re a newbie, check it out here: How to Get a Free Trial or subscription to OTV IPTV.

After getting Android IPTV, follow us to learn how to install and use Premium TV Apk on Android phones/tablets.

Our OTV IPTV subscription comes with stand-alone IPTV apps that can be downloaded directly from our website page if your Android phones/tablets devices come with their browser.

1- Open your device’s browser and type our website address into the search engine:

2- First, click the “Android IPTV App” button when the first step is complete. The download page is displayed.

3- Then, find “Premium TV Apk” and click “Download“.

downlod Premium TV apk

4- After that, open the downloaded APK file and install it.

5- Finally, Premium TV Apk will appear on your device.

How to Activate Premium TV Apk?

If you already have the IPTV subscription code and have Premium TV Apk installed on your device, this is the last step to activate your IPTV application. Here are the activation steps:

1- Open the Premium TV Apk app and click “+ ADD USER“.

+add user

2- Enter “Username” and “Password” on the login page.


Please note: After subscribing to the OTV IPTV package, we will send the user name and password as the login credentials by email. If you encounter any problems, you can contact our customer service through Whatsapp for the first time.

3- Then click “ADD USER” and many channels and videos from around the world will appear on your screen.

Premium TV screen


This is how to install Premium TV Apk on your Android phone/tablet. Using OTV IPTV is more convenient to watch favorite programs and sports events! And we provide technical support and customer service support. If you have any other questions, please leave us a comment below.

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