How to install STB Emulator on your device | Tutorial Guide

With the development of the economy and technology, IPTV has gradually appeared in people’s life. People switch from traditional cable TV to IPTV to watch their favorite programs, movies, and sports events, and IPTV providers can directly stream the content they want to watch to your device.

In this guide, we will guide you step by step to install STB Emulator for streaming IPTV service. Most people already have compatible devices and don’t even know about them. Keep reading, as you will be introduced to them first.

What is STB Emulator?

The STB emulator is an application for android users through the Google play store that emulates MAG devices (set-top boxes) used for streaming IPTV services. This will allow you to access any MAC activated IPTV service, in order to start streaming, you need to subscribe to the MAC activated IPTV service.

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The STB Emulator includes two versions

When you search the Google play store, you’ll find two versions to choose from: the STB emulator (free) and the STB emulator (professional), both of which can be installed on your android device.

The only difference between the two is that STBemu Pro removes any banner ads that are occasionally displayed in the free version. Now, the Pro edition is a one-time fee, and you’ll get lifetime access, which includes any future updates.

If this is your first time trying IPTV, I recommend using the free version.

How to install STB Emulator on your device?

You must start the process by installing the STB Emulator, which is not easy if you are new to the process, but don’t worry, the following is a step-by-step installation tutorial for you.

Preparation before installation

  • IPTV service pack
  • Portal URL: This is the link IPTV will provide you when you purchase the package.
  • Mac address: This can be brought to your box or requested from your service provider.

How to install STB Emulator on Android?

To set up IPTV on an Android device using the STB emulator, follow the instructions below. This process includes the basic steps from downloading the application to adding channels to the application.

Step 1: Open your Android device and enter the Play Store. Click on the Play Store search bar and search for “STB Emulator.”

Step 2: Find the application, click “Install“, and wait for the download to complete.

Step 3: Launch the STB Emulator application after downloading the application is complete.

Step 4: The app startup screen appears. Click the three dots in the upper right corner to enter Settings.

Step 5: In the Settings of the STB EMU application, select “Profiles“.

install stbemu1

Step 6: Select the “New Profile” option.

install stbemu2

Note: If you are using multiple servers, you can create multiple profiles and switch between them, but for our purposes, we will only deal with one portal URL.

Step 7: Go to Portal Settings.

install stbemu3

Step 8: In portal Settings, you can edit and change the portal URL. Replace the default URL with the one provided by your provider.

install stbemu4

Step 9: Exit one page, go back to the configuration file Settings, and select “STB Configuration” from here.

Step 10: Here you can find MAC addresses that start with 00:1a:79.

install stbemu5

Note: You need to provide this number to your provider. Activating the correct MAC address is important because it enables the STB emulator to access the server. If a MAC address has been created for you, you can edit your MAC address on this page.

Step 11: Go back and select Save and Restore Settings.

Step 12: Select Save Settings and configuration file. Finally, restart your device and begin to experience the wonderful program.

How to install STB Emulator on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick and Fire TV have become staples of entertainment in many homes because they are among the cheapest streaming media you can buy. The following shows you how to break through and load third-party applications that are not easily accessible by Firestick /FireTv users, such as the STB emulator application.

Step 1: You first need to allow downloads from unknown sources in your Settings. Under Settings of your firestick > System > Select “Developer Options“.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Source to allow the installation of third-party applications.

Step 3: Go to your Firestick/Fire TV’s search navigation and search for “Downloader.”


Step 4: Find the application and click Install.

Step 5: Once installed, you can download any third-party application.

Step 6: and then enter the URL


Step 7: Then click Install

Step 8: When the installation is complete, go back to the home page and find Settings to add IPTV channels.

Note: If you do not know how to add IPTV channels, then please go back to see how to configure STB Emulator on Android? The installation tutorial starts with step 4.

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About the FAQS

Is STB EMU free?

Available in both the free version and the Pro version, where the pro version is available for a fee, it offers a large selection of TV shows from around the world and will be your ideal source for daily updates on your favorite topics, ensuring you don’t miss any news.

How do I search in STB?

You need to select the blue button on the screen. To do this, you need to get the screen remote control in the STB Emulator and select the blue button. When you click the blue button, it displays an option to search using the on-screen keyboard remote control. Simply enter the show or movie you are looking for.

How do I update the STB emulator?

Manual update: 1.Go to Settings/About/System Update. 2. Select Check for updates. 3. If an update is available, a brief information note will be provided about the new version.

What is the difference between STB EMU and STB EMU pro?

There are two versions of the app: a free one and a paid one. Free version shows ads, Pro version doesn’t. That’s the only big difference between them. To be able to watch IPTV using the app you need to buy an IPTV subscription from a third party IPTV provider.

What is STB in smart TV?

A set Top Box (STB) isĀ an electronic device, similar in size and shape to a VCR, that tunes into, receives and decodes HDTV signals. HDTV signals can come from over-the-air broadcasts, digital satellite, or digital cable.


Access to media content is diverse. Users can access preferred content by installing STB emulators on their devices. This is our detailed tutorial guide on how to install the STB emulator on android and Firestick devices. Make it easy to watch video shows on your device for a wider and better experience.

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