The 2 Easiest ways to install and set up IPTV on your Xbox

With the spread of ultra-fast Internet access, IPTV streaming is becoming more popular because it uses an Internet connection. The IPTV service is accessible on most smart devices and works well on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, and Series S devices. Check out details about Xbox here.

If you already own one of these Xbox consoles, spending extra money on an IPTV set-top box may seem unnecessary to you. Take advantage of this now and learn how to get IPTV on Xbox.

How to Watch IPTV on Xbox Series X&S

How to install IPTV on Xbox Series X or Series S

Xbox is a video game brand created and owned by Microsoft. Like Smart TVs or smartphones, Xbox Series X and Series S have an app store that you can use to download software and install it on your game console. It’s called the Xbox Live Store, where you can download the IPTV media player you need to use IPTV on your Xbox.

You can stream IPTV over Xbox Series X and Series S in a variety of ways. The following sections describe viewing IPTV content using two different media players. The same method works for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

MyIPTV Player is an excellent media player with EPG for playing your IPTV channels. Simply load your M3U playlist from storage or remote source and you’re ready to go.

Before we begin, you will need an IPTV subscription and a link to your M3U file, which we will send after you register.

Read below to learn how to install and set up MyIPTV Player on Xbox Series X/S.

Install MyIPTV Player on Xbox Series X/S

1- Turn on your Xbox Series X/S and make sure it is connected to the Internet.
2- Open Microsoft Store on Xbox Series X/S.
3- Enter “MyIPTV Player” and click on the search icon.
4- The MyIPTV Player application will appear in the list of results. Click Install.


5- The application will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Set up MyIPTV Player to watch IPTV on Xbox Series X/S

1- Start MyIPTV Player and go to its Settings menu.
2- In the Settings menu, a list of several options will be displayed under the heading “Managing Playlists and EPG. Select the first one, which says “Add new playlists and EPG sources“.


3- Hover over the Remote Channels section and click the text field to enter a playlist name, such as OctoTV.


4- Enter the M3U URL you received in the IPTV subscription mail. Click Add Remote list.

5- Return to the Settings page referenced in Step 2.
6- Click the drop-down next to the Select playlist field under the Select channel playlist section., then select the M3U playlist (such as OctoTV) and click the Refresh button.


7- After loading the channels, you can see all the channels listed. From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, you can select the country/region you want to view. Select US, UK, etc. as needed and click on it, now you can see all channels in that country/region group.
8- You can also mark any country/region as a favorite and let the app launch your favorite next time.

Method 2: Use Kodi Media Player to watch IPTV on Xbox

Kodi media player is available on Xbox One. So you can easily install and set up Kodi on Xbox One. Read below to learn the steps for installing and setting up Kodi on Xbox Series X/S.

Install Kodi Media Player on Xbox Series X/S

1- Access the store on your Xbox Series X/S and type “Kodi Media Player“.
2- Find Kodi Media Player from the results list. Then click Install to install Kodi Media Player on Xbox Series X/S. The download and installation process should only take a few minutes.


Set up Kodi Media Player to watch IPTV on Xbox Series X/S

1- After downloading, launch Kodi.
2- Access the add-on menu in Kodi located to the left of the main menu.
3- Now access the PVR IPTV simple client by clicking.


4- Then click Install to install the plug-in in Kodi.


5- Preferred add-on information options in Kodi.
6- Access the General tab and provide the M3U playlist URL of your IPTV Subscription Mail.


7- Click OK and restart Kodi on your Xbox Series X/S.


8- Relaunch Kodi on your Xbox One and access the TV option
9- Channels will then be listed. Choose the channel to watch and enjoy!!

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