How to use IPTV Recording on AirTV Extra?

In the dynamic landscape of modern entertainment, IPTV recording has emerged as a game-changing feature that grants viewers unparalleled flexibility and control over their TV experience. Among the leading platforms that offer this remarkable capability is AirTV Extra.

In this guide, we will delve into the realm of IPTV recording and walk you through the seamless process of how to make the most of this feature on AirTV Extra. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a devoted series follower, or simply a lover of convenience, IPTV recording on AirTV Extra promises to transform the way you engage with your favorite content. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and empowerment as we uncover the ins and outs of using IPTV recording on AirTV Extra.


How AirTV Extra’s IPTV Recording Works

AirTV Extra is an IPTV subscription service provider that offers an extensive selection of more than 280 high-quality channels, accompanied by a 7-day Catch-Up feature. With AirTV Extra, users can effortlessly capture the ongoing live program or any content that graced the screens in the past 7 days from these channels. These recorded gems find their home on the AirTV IPTV server, thanks to the marvel of cloud technology, alleviating any concerns about device storage constraints.

Accessing your treasures is as simple as opening the AirTV Extra app. AirTV Extra empowers users to record up to 20 files, translating to around 40 hours of captivating content. This capability stands as the ideal solution for individuals desiring unhindered access to their preferred programs, all according to their personal schedules.

The Advantages and Limitations


  1. Multichannel Recording: AirTV Extra sets you free from limitations. Imagine watching live sports on one channel while recording captivating content from UK, GR, and DE channels simultaneously.
  2. Scheduled Timer Recording: You can schedule future recordings without worrying about whether your STB is powered on or off. The server ensures the recording is executed on time.
  3. Catching Up on Missed Moments: Never miss out on any event again. The “catch-up” feature enables you to record past events, ensuring that no moment is lost.
  4. Generous Record Time: Each user is granted a substantial 40-hour record time, providing ample space for your favorite content.


Whole Event Recording: While AirTV Extra’s IPTV Recording offers tremendous convenience, it records entire Electronic Program Guide (EPG) events. Users cannot dictate when to start or stop the recording. Regardless of when the recording starts, the server captures the complete event.

How to Enable IPTV Recording on AirTV Extra

Activating the IPTV Recording feature on AirTV Extra is remarkably straightforward across various devices. Whether you’re using Android boxes, Firesticks, or Nvidia Shields, the process remains consistent:

  1. Launch the AirTV Extra app on your chosen device and navigate to the Live TV section.
  2. Locate the desired channel for recording, ensuring that a recording icon is present.
  3. Long-press the OK button on your remote to access the function menu.
  4. Select “Record” to initiate the recording of the ongoing program.
  5. For future recordings, press OK and opt for the channel list option.
  6. Navigate to the date and time of the program you wish to record, and select it.
  7. EPG details will appear, presenting you with the option to record by choosing “Record.”
  8. A red icon in the top-right corner confirms that the recording is underway.
  9. To record a series of programs, choose “Record Series” from the EPG details page.
  10. To view your recordings, return to the AirTV Extra app’s home screen and select the “Recording” section.
  11. Deleting a recording is easy – just long-press the OK button on your remote while selecting the program from the recording list.
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AirTV Extra Guidelines for Optimal Usage

As you embrace the convenience of IPTV Recording with AirTV Extra, bear these pointers in mind:

  • Only channels with a recording icon are eligible for recording. Always ensure you’ve selected the right channel.
  • A stable and fast internet connection is pivotal for seamless recording.
  • AirTV Extra supports up to 20 simultaneous recordings, with a maximum total recording time of 40 hours. Keep track of your available recording space.
  • For specific program recordings, refer to the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to confirm the correct time and channel.
  • When scheduling a recording, double-check the start and end times to ensure you capture the complete program.


In a world where entertainment is king, IPTV recording is the crown jewel that puts you in the director’s chair. With AirTV Extra, this feature opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to capture and enjoy your favorite shows on your own terms. Whether it’s reliving the excitement of live sports or catching up on missed episodes, AirTV Extra’s IPTV recording empowers you. Experience the freedom of IPTV recording with AirTV Extra and redefine how you enjoy your TV moments. Don’t just watch – take control and record your way to a new level of personalized entertainment.

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