IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung: Install and Configure Tutorial

In this guide, we will show you how to install and configure IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV, which is one of the best applications for playing m3u listings on your TV.

IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung

Now, Samsung Smart TV users can download this app completely free from the official app store to add to their listings.

There are many apps to view IPTV listings on Smart TV, but not all are as powerful and configurable as Smarters Pro.

While it may seem a little complicated at first, the initial configuration is so simple that you can have the app fully operational in just a few minutes.

If you want to know how to create your user in IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV, please continue reading this manual where I explain everything.

Create users in Samsung TV’s IPTV SMARTERS PRO

If you look at the app store of your Samsung Smart TV, you will see several apps that can play IPTV m3u listings and there are 2 different versions of Smarters Player.

This time we installed IPTV Smarters Player Pro. Unlike other applications like SSIPTV or Smart IPTV, in Smarters Player Pro the configuration is done in the application itself.

This application does not support the use of URL or IPTV links, but only the connection data of IPTV servers using the “Xtream codes” type.

To create or add users to IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV, perform the following steps.

add users to IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV
  1. When you first open the application, you will see the screen shown above, which contains a series of options for entering data.
  2. Name: Write a name to identify the connection to your IPTV server.
  3. Username: Here you must write the user to access your IPTV service.
  4. Password: Write the password to access the contracted IPTV service.
  5. URL: Enter the URL of the IPTV server you want to connect to.
  6. Add User: Click the Add User button, the application will try to connect to your service and if the data is correct, it will start to synchronize the data with the server.

You can add as many users as you need, and switch between them from the application’s user options.

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After adding users to the application, when you launch IPTV Smarters Pro Player again, you will access the home screen from which you can access contracted services such as live channels, series, or movies.

IPTV Smarters Pro is very easy to configure and you can access it by clicking on the gears seen at the top of the screen.

  1. General settings: In this section, you have the general settings of the application, such as auto-start, update list at startup, display full EPG, activate available subtitles, clear cache, display EPG on the channel, or select language.
  2. Stream format: This allows you to select the stream mode in m3u or ts.
  3. Time format: Set the time in 24-hour or 12-hour format.
  4. Parental Controls: You can set parental controls to prevent unwanted access to certain channels or lists. This is mandatory if you want to access adult channels.

Viewing IPTV Channels in Smarters Player Pro

Once the application has synced all the data with your IPTV Subscription, to view live TV channels, you must enter the Live Channels option.

If you have channels sorted by topic or country list, they will appear on the left side of the screen.

When you select a list, the included channels will appear next to it, and on the right side, you will see a thumbnail of the channel and its EPG below.

You only need to select one channel and once you see that it has loaded correctly, press the OK or Accept button again to display the image full screen.

It’s as easy as creating a user in the IPTV Smarters Pro app on your Samsung Smart TV and configuring the app to watch your favorite TV channels.

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