What’s the best IPTV provider for UK Live TV? | In 2022

As viewers gain access to the newest forms of entertainment in the form of handheld devices, the traditional TV is drawing its ace in the form of Internet TV, or as the techies call it, IPTV.

If you are an IPTV user from the UK and need to find the best IPTV provider for UK channels, then read on and you will find it helpful.

This article will show you how to access and watch British television. Identify the best IPTV provider in the UK for users and analyze the advantages of being the best UK IPTV Subscription.

What is an IPTV provider?

IPTV offers more flexibility than traditional TV. rather than limiting viewers to a specific schedule, IPTV enables people to watch what they want, whenever they want. the IPTV provider exists to give you the content you want to watch and more. So choose an IPTV provider that is right for you and remember to find out if he offers the channels you want to watch.

Is IPTV illegal in the UK?

Is IPTV legal in the UK? In general, IPTV is perfectly legal when the package purchased is licensed by the copyright owner, such as OctoTV IPTV subscriptions. Technically, all forms of catch-up TV are IPTV. But that changes when the boxes are set up in a way that allows them to access channels they shouldn’t be able to.

An analysis of IPTV users in the UK

IPTV trends in the UK

In 2020, the UK presented high consumption of audio-visual content, with the average individual watching 162 minutes of live television per day. Subscription video on demand (SVoD) services was the second most popular, with an average viewing time of 65 minutes per day.

Up to the first quarter of 2022, the number of households with IPTV subscriptions in the UK has been growing rapidly. This trend has been steadily increasing over the past few years, with IPTV subscriptions increasing almost every quarter since 2014.

UK online video users

According to an April 2020 study of media consumption in the UK, the average adult watched two hours and 37 minutes of TV a day in 2019. In the same year, just one hour and 25 minutes of digital video were watched each day. Overall, however, time spent on television appears to have declined over the years, while time spent on digital video has steadily increased.

The UK loves watching channels

The highest-ranked channel in the UK in q3 2021 was Netflix, with 73 percent of respondents giving it a positive rating. With 73 percent of respondents giving it a positive rating.

UK Favourite Channel

UK IPTV user Reviews

I am joy from the UK and I am just looking for the best UK IPTV provider, it better work on my device and be stable. Something that will keep me happy watching Netflix and BBC, I don’t want to fall off the wagon at any crucial point!

Best IPTV Provider for the UK

To find a better IPTV Provider, we tried many Providers and found that OctoTV IPTV is a high-quality IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience, and is one of the best UK IPTV providers.

What is OctoTV IPTV?

OctoTV is a premium IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience. Is a platform to provide a full range of programming via the Internet, including live TV channels, VOD (series and movies), exclusive transmission, and the best quality entertainment programs.

At OctoTV IPTV, you can ensure access to some of the highest quality IPTV channels and premium service. We have a large selection of quality premium channels from all over the world, so wherever you are, you can make sure your country/region is in our list.

What does OctoTV IPTV Provider offer?

OctoTV IPTV provides 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years of four packages to choose from. You can enjoy the best viewing of thousands of premium channels and tens of thousands of VOD movies, with a free 24-hour test service and extended service.

  • The full channels package Included Canada/UK/US/ Arabic / Asia / Europe / Latin America / North America.
  • Various types of programs: Movies / VIP Series / Cartoon / Music / News / Discovery / Life.
  • KIDS Premium channels: Carton Films / Music / Disney+ Action
  • Premium Sports channels: Canada Sports /US Sports /UK Sports / Arabic Sports / France Sports / Germany Sports / USA Sports .
  • Live Channels: With over 16,000 English and foreign channels: Canada, UK, Arabic, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Turkey, Kurdish, Kuwait, USA, Mexico, AUS, NZ, FR, DE, IT, Spanish, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan…
  • Movies (VOD): over 20,000 movies of all genres, including weekly updates of recent box office movies.
  • Series (VOD): more than 15,000 series, including regular updates of all your favorite series.

Click to get an IPTV subscription for the UK

OctoTV IPTV-compatible device

Available On iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, LG And Samsung Smart TVs, Sony TVs With Android TV, Perfect Player, IPTV Smarters, Smart IPTV, TiviMate, STB Emu, VLC, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Pro and more.


Choose 7 advantages of OctoTV IPTV

OctoTV IPTV has been known for many years and is improving its service. It has more technology than ever before. Let’s list 7 of its advantages.

  1. Instant Activation: Acquire complete access to all features as soon as you purchase the services.
  2. 24 Hours Trial: The OctoTV IPTV Provider offers you the possibility to order IPTV tests within 24 hours to learn about all channels and VOD series movies and series to ensure stability. You will be able to judge for yourself the quality of their servers before ordering subscriptions.
  3. Compatible with All Devices & Multiple Format: Recommend M3U, MAG and Enigma, but you can purchase the services that best fit your app and device
  4. High-quality offers: FHD and 4K channel streaming without freezing and buffering. They also regularly update new channels, movies, and TV shows.
  5. 20,000 VODs: OctoTV has the best TV programming: premium channels, international channels, sports, movies, adult Entertainment, Culture and Entertainment, and PPV at affordable prices. All content, all channels, within reach of the TV.
  6. Time-Shifted IPTV: OctoTV IPTV provides a time shift function, users can regard it as a “catch up”, and can let you return to watch the program that has been broadcast in time.
  7. Fast Support: OctoTV IPTV on Whatsapp/WeChat/Telegram provides 24 h / 7 real-time chat, helps you quickly solve subscribe to all sorts of problems that may occur when IPTV streaming media, and ensure continuity of service.

What channels does OctoTV provide for the UK?

Click here for a list of programming and sports on OctoTV IPTV’s UK channels.

OctoTV IPTV's UK channels.

View full channel list

How to set up and use an OctoTV IPTV?

OctoTV Apk is part of the OctoTV Subscription for IPTV streaming on over-the-top (OTT) streaming boxes. The OctoTV App is compatible with Android devices and Amazon Fire TV and Firestick devices.

But no matter what device you have and what third-party IPTV player you are ready to download, a free installation tutorial is available. Here is a simple installation and usage process. Using OctoTV IPTV on your device is very easy as long as you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn on your device and download the IPTV player on your device.

Step 2: Get an IPTV subscription plan that provides you with a link to the M3U or Xtream Code API.

Chat with customer service on WhatsApp to try IPTV for free.

Step 3: Activate the IPTV player and add the IPTV channel.

Step 4: After creating the profile, launch it and watch the streaming content using the IPTV player.

See the IPTV setup tutorial in more detail

UK Review of OctoTV service

1. I’ve never met such a reliable IPTV provider, it’s unbelievable! All UK IPTV channels are almost included.

2. A very satisfying experience for me, I purchased a one month package and now I think I will continue to renew it because their service is really good. The quality of the content can’t be beat.

3. All the sports stuff I need, and more work is great and easy to set up. I’m glad.


How can I watch US streaming in the UK?

The easiest way to watch US TV services from abroad is through a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best choice here because it works across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, and it works with all the free streaming and catch-up TV services, not to mention paid video streaming services like Hulu, HBO Now, and Netflix.

Is BBC popular in America?

As of September 2018, BBC America was available in 80.9 million TV households in the United States (87.8% of pay-TV customers).

Can I buy an IPTV subscription even if I don’t have access to a satellite service?

Yes, if you don’t qualify for satellite TV service, you can buy and use IPTV. Because IPTV delivers international programming to your TV over the Internet, there is no need for a satellite dish. Additionally, to qualify, you need a high-speed Internet connection of at least 4.0 Mbps or higher.

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