IPTVX Review: The best IPTV player for Apple devices in 2022

What is IPTVX

IPTVX is a utility app that allows you to parse your playlists and watch your content: IPTVX, the associated company IPTVX LLC, and its members do not provide any content for it. You are the only one responsible for the content you provide and play with IPTVX;

Watch your IPTV playlists, TV Live, Movies, and TV Shows in Netflix’s style. IPTVX keeps track of what you’re watching, and your favorite channels and analyses your playlist showing you all the new movies, shows, episodes, and TV channels.

This article is about an app that I love on the Apple TV, IPTVX, I’ve talked about IPTVX before but it’s changed a lot since then, I feel like it’s the right time for me to show you IPTVX again.

Playlist parsing really doesn’t take that long, comparing this to iPlayTV is night and day. I’m pretty sure the EPG is loaded in the background, but that’s an excellent time-saver if you ask me, once you’re in you’re going to be greeted with your video-on-demand content.

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IPTVX looks and feels like a Netflix-style layout. It hasn’t really changed much from when I last reviewed it, but it still looks just as good.

This could be the best-looking IPTV app out there on any platform, but of course, this is subjective.


You can still switch back to the vertical style layout.

There is one thing that’s annoying about IPTVX if you have a large number of categories that you don’t want to see and you want to hide them, it takes forever to go through them and disable them.

Luckily you only have to do this once but it’ll be helpful if you can quickly do this in the settings.

One of the great new features of the new grid-style layout is that if you hover over one of the channels that you’re interested in for long enough, it will give you a live preview.

Now this feature that was added makes me really fall in love with this app the cover art for the content of the TV channel is showing on the card it looks amazing, and I love it!

TV Guide

Not much has changed with the video player and to be honest that’s a good thing it’s pretty fine the way it is, but one thing that has been fixed is the overly large subtitles, the new grid-style layout for the TV Guide looks great, but in practice doesn’t work very well with the Apple TV remote.


I quickly found myself lost in the TV guide whilst scrolling, it would be much improved if you can snap the grid to the hour, so that way you wouldn’t go all over the place whilst your scroll through the guide.


Siri integration isn’t fully implemented. I’d expect to say ‘pause’ to Siri and it would pause on live TV or ‘rewind’ and it goes back but that doesn’t happen, but it does work on video on demand hopefully in the future, Siri functionality will be expanded.

You can use your voice to search for channels or video and demand content but at the moment you cannot search the TV Guide.

Features of IPTVX

  • Watch your digital content, TV Live, Movies, and TV Shows with style!
  • All your data is synchronized on your Apple iCloud to make it available on all your devices and only accessible to you;
  • Added recently section;
  • Continue watching section;
  • Favorites section;
  • TV Series with an amazing dedicated page; a “Next episode” button when the episode approach to the end and much more;
  • Choose between our “Live screen”‘s horizontal or vertical navigation style to explore categories, channels, previews, and EPG info, all on the same screen;
  • TV Guide tab (EPG Grid);
  • Airplay 2 casts;
  • Search Movie, TV Series, and Live channels;
  • Auto EPG: if your server contains an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) file, IPTVX will automatically find it for you;
  • Possibility to insert an arbitrary EPG URL (supports GZIP);
  • Settings page;
  • Parental control;
  • Hide channels and categories;
  • Multiple playlists support;
  • Subtitles selection from those internal to the video and, when available, grabbed from OpenSubtitles.org;
  • Audio tracks selection;
  • Detailed info for Movies, TV Series, episodes, and Live channels;
  • On player channels list when viewing lives;
  • TV Live zapping;
  • Special contents;
  • and much more!


Free or £8.99 on the App store

Compatible Devices

iPad / iPhone / Apple TV

IPTV Provider



When I try to insert or open my playlist I get the error “Impossible to open”. Why?

The reason number 1 that causes this error, is that you inserted the playlist’s link wrongly, or if you generated it through a domain, user and pass, you inserted these parameters wrongly. Please try these solutions: If you have a link, make sure it works: copy and paste it on your browser and make sure you don’t get an error page. The browser should download something (your playlist) or load something. If the link is correct, you are probably inserting it wrongly. If it is too long, you can use a tool like https://tinyurl.com to make the URL shorted and avoid errors. If you have a domain, user and pass, make sure you inserted them correctly respecting capital and lower case letters.

How can I set my playlist to fully reload automatically?

At the time of creation, or if you already created it:
1. Go to the main screen (where there are is the list of playlists);
2. Long press on your playlist; Tap edit;
3. Choose between the options under the “Automatic reload frequency”.

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