How to install IPTV Pro for FireStick?[Updated in August 2022]

Do you want to get an application that can access many TV channels? If so, then we gave you the right application! Let’s show you the highlights of the IPTV Pro app.

In this article, we will show you how to install IPTV Pro into FireStick.


What is an IPTV Pro?

Now let’s introduce you to the IPTV Pro application. It’s a media player for a provider registered with us. Does not provide any type of IPTV service, such as IPTV subscription, or streaming media. Users must contact their TV service provider for a URL.

Application functionality

  • 100% No advertising and no commercial advertising
  • Start the IPTV Pro application after starting the device (for the set-top box)
  • Automatic play function for the channel last visited.
  • Many playlist support (M3U and XSPF playlists)
  • Playlist history
  • Enable parental control for users
  • Expand your playlist history
  • Gallery style display (display your TV channel in a grid, list, or tiled view)
  • Built-in support for both internal and external video players
  • The EPG supports both the XMLTV and JTV file formats
  • Allow multicast streaming using UDP agents (the UDP agent should be installed and activated on the LAN)

IPTV Professional Interface

  • Gallery style view
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Response menu
  • Add your M3U file
  • Access the URL of the broadcast TV channel
  • TV channels are displayed in grid, tiled, or list views
  • Displays all the playlists on your device
  • Quick access to the M3U files
  • Default night mode
  • Display the progress bar of the video
  • Displays more information about channels, TV programs, or M3U files

Merits and demerits


  • 100% Free
  • No advertising
  • Let you watch the many TV channels
  • Search for the M3U files/playlist in your device
  • Add any URL that you want to watch the live TV stream


  • M3U file playlist from other sites.
  • You should have another app with live TV streaming capabilities.
  • Ask you to enter a URL that you can get live TV channels.

How to install the IPTV Pro on FireStickļ¼Ÿ

The IPTV Pro app is not the official Amazon Store app. You must jailbreak your FireStick bar and install the downloader app to install the FireStick bar. We will now teach you how to install the IPTV Pro applications on the FireStick bars.

Step 1: We will first install the Downloader app; click on the Find> Search option on the FireStick home screen, enter “Downloader“, select the Downloader icon, and download and install the application.

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 1

Step 2: In the Fire TV menu bar, click Settings and select the option ā€œmy Fire TVā€

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 2

Step 3: Select the Device> Developer option. Scroll down to the option, ” Application from an Unknown Source, and make sure that it appears as an ON (if not, click it).

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 3

Step 4: Open the Downloader application, click the URL text box on the right side (make sure you select the Home option in the left menu), enter (, and click Start.

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 4

Step 5: After the download completes, the Downloader application will run the APK file and install it.

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 5

Step 6: Select Click Open and start using IPTV Pro.

how to install iptv Pro on firestick 6

How to use the IPTV Pro application on FireStickļ¼Ÿ

As before said, IPTV Pro doesn’t have any channels of its own. So, to use IPTV Pro, you have to subscribe to at least one IPTV service. So, then, it explains how to install the OctoTV service on the IPTV Pro.

Step 1: Open your FireStick device and find the added IPTV Pro application user interface.

how to use iptv pro on firestick 1

Step 2: Fill in the server information obtained from the customer service mailbox of the website. You can use the IPTV Pro by entering the m3u playlist URL and creating an m3u file.

how to use iptv pro on firestick 2

Note: When you receive an OctoTV subscription or IPTV free trial, the M3U URL will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your application. Please note that check. If you do not receive the email, please contact customer service immediately. 

Step 3: Open the M3U file for a list of channels that you can watch.

how to use iptv pro on firestick 3

Step 4Now you can enjoy it!

how to use iptv pro on firestick 4


Is the IPTV Pro app available for free?

Yes. You load it onto your FireStick bar because it is not the official app for the Amazon App Store.

Are there ads when using an application?

Not have. There are no ads when using the app. Ads will only appear when you watch channels of different sources.


The IPTV represents the Internet Protocol TV. Applications that rely on IPTV technology need the installation of other streaming apps and a reliable internet connection. The IPTV app lets you open up downloadable M3U playlists or load other live TV channels from other streaming applications.

We hope this article will teach you how to install and add IPTV services (such as OctoTV) on IPTV Pro applications on FireStick bars.

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