GTV IPTV Guide: How to Setup an IPTV subscription on Android phones/tablets? 2023

install GTV IPTV on Android phones-tablets

In this tutorial guide, we will show you how to use GTV IPTV subscriptions on Android phones/tablets. You will be able to use an application called GTV IPTV APK to complete the configuration. This application can only run our IPTV service subscription. It is the best subscription on the Android IPTV service.

What is GTV IPTV?

GTV IPTV service is a server-stable, buffered, sports-centric IPTV service that is the best IPTV application in the United States and Europe! Reliable IPTV over 1000 US and European channels, including international live TV, more than 3000 latest movies, TV shows, live world sports, and more!

Features of GTV IPTV

  • 3days Free Trial
  • 1300+ Live Channels
  • VOD with 3000+ Latest & Hot Movies
  • VOD with wonderful sports events
  • FAV & EPG
  • 7Days Catch-up
  • PVR Function
  • User-friendly App

GTV IPTV installation guide

Want to on-demand some TV shows and movies and live TV on our Android Phone/Pad? You need to install GTV IPTV APK on your Android Phone/Pad and get the GTV IPTV subscription code.

1. Get a free trial or subscription to GTV IPTV

How to get a GTV IPTV subscription code, I will start from the perspective of new users, hand-by-hand teaching, very simple operation steps, OK, let’s start:

1- Open your Android Phone/Pad browser and type in the store link: ‘‘.

2- Click “Subscription” and select your preferred IPTV package: GTV IPTV or GTV Plus IPTV.

GTV IPTV subscription

Please note: GTV Plus IPTV subscription has more features than GTV IPTV, for example, VOD with Sports Events, Cloud PVR, 7 days Catch UP. This tutorial uses GTV IPTV as an example, and the GTV Plus IPTV installation method is similar.

3- Get a “3 Days Free Trial” or “GTV IPTV Subscription”. Click “Add to cart” and then click “View cart”.

Get a GTV IPTV subscription2

4- Confirm the product to be added and click “Proceed to checkout”. Then determine the “Place order” again.

Get a GTV IPTV subscription3

Please note: After subscribing, an activation code will be sent to your email. After you fill in the activation code on your device, you can watch your favorite TV programs.

2. Download and install GTV IPTV APK

If you already have a free test or subscription, please return to the home page at Continue with the following steps:

1- After returning to the home page, locate the logo in the form of a list and click the “Android IPTV App” button.

download gtv iptv apk 2

2- Find the GTV IPTV APK for PAD or GTV Plus IPTV APK for PAD and click “DOWNLOAD“.

install gtv iptv apk

Make sure you download and install the same version as the free trial or subscription code you received in order to activate the device later. Download and install the correct IPTV Apk version to your device from here: 1. GTV IPTV APK for PAD: https :// 2. GTV Plus Apk for PAD:

3- Open the downloaded APK file and install it.

3. Enter the Activation Code

1- Open the home page of the GTV IPTV application.

input activation code (2)

2- Click on the user’s avatar and enter your IPTV subscription code, which you get when you purchase the subscription.

input activation code (1)

Please note: The activation code will be sent to your email. And make sure your activation code is the same as the APK download version. If you have any problems, please contact customer service.

3- Now you can enjoy all the information about IPTV GTV service on your mobile phone!


Above, you have successfully installed the IPTV subscription on your Android phones/tablets. This means you can watch all the world’s most popular IPTV channels on your phone. For more questions about installing IPTV on your phone or tablet, please comment below.

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